8-Week "Strength for Beginners" program

8-Week "Strength for Beginners" program
All spots for the Nov. 27, 2023, program are full! Join my waitlist to be notified when the next program is set to open.
This program is genuinely changing my life. The way I approach working out now is just fun, and it's really cool to see just how strong I really am. –Alexa

Are you ready to learn the basics of strength training? Feeling stronger helped me break out of my old, limited self-image – and you can do it, too.

Through my guided coaching app, this 8-week resistance training program will help strengthen you for everyday movements like pushing, pulling, and squatting. You will complete workouts at your own pace and in your chosen space. And you'll be supported without judgment every step of the way.

8-week program for $80

Nov. 27, 2023 – Jan. 21, 2024

Claim time for yourself during the holiday season, discover new strengths, and perhaps get acquainted with a gym before the New Year rush!

Start for free, and then the program is billed in two $40 increments at week 4 and week 8.

Read on for program expectations before signing up.

What to expect

The program is structured around 3 workouts of 30–60 minutes each per week for 8 weeks. There will be modifications you can make and bonus activities you can choose. Every workout includes a warm-up and cool-down, and the strength exercises will progress from "absolute beginner" to "advanced beginner."

Minimum time commitment: 2 hours per week – spread across any 3 days – for 8 weeks

This is not a weight loss challenge or a "get ripped" challenge. That said, you will probably see yourself differently in the mirror. The real "transformation" will be in your strength and kinesthetic skills. You will be stronger, and you will also feel stronger.

My program is not a diet and does not include any meal plans or food restrictions. I keep the food guidance simple: "Eat wholesome foods that make your strength training feel great."

Equipment needed

This full-body program uses common equipment found in most gyms and even many homes, though it requires more than a purely bodyweight or calisthenics program. At a minimum, you will need the following:

  • For bench exercises: an adjustable bench meant for weightlifting with at least three backrest positions: 0° (flat), ~30°, and ~90° (nearly upright)
  • For body weight exercises: a non-slip surface soft enough for kneeling on the floor
  • For cable exercises: a cable machine ("functional trainer") with two weight stacks, adjustable pulleys, and handles; OR, if you are determined enough to train with modifications, a heavy resistance band with handles
  • For dumbbell exercises: at least 3 pairs of dumbbells ≥ 5lbs each, in relative increments of no more than 2x (for example, pairs of 5lb dumbbells, 10lb dumbbells, and 20lb dumbbells); OR one pair of adjustable dumbbells

Out Fitness studio access

All the equipment above is available at our Out Fitness studio (7405 Detroit Ave), which is a great option if you need a private, comfortable place to train.

You can add Out Fitness studio access to your 8-week program for $30. While my coaching and the Out Fitness studio are usually separate plans, I've set up this one-time 50% discount, compared to the studio's monthly plan. Just add Out Fitness at checkout, and I'll send you a door access code and booking instructions to use during your 8-week program.

About the app

My coaching app provides step-by-step instructions and videos for your workouts! It makes it easy to log your weights and repetitions, so you can progress with intention over 8 weeks. The app will remind you about your workout calendar and congratulate you for completing workouts (but never shame you for missing or rescheduling them).

The app also includes a private group chat with your fellow trainees following the same 8-week program. Together we will check in, answer questions, and cheer each other on!

Join the waitlist

The current program is full. Sign up for my waitlist to be notified when the next 8-week program is set to open.

Interested but can't make a commitment right now? No worries! Check out my guide for building beginner workouts to make your own strength training plan.

Questions about this info? Send me a text message!