About me

Feeling stronger helped me break out of my old, limited self-image – and you can do it, too! Fitness practices should be affordable for all because everyone deserves to be healthy.

I'm Josh Jones Forbes, a vegan athlete who reimagined his "un-athletic" self through 15+ years of exercise and nutrition. I'm a Certified Personal Trainer through the accredited National Strength & Conditioning Association.

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I founded Out Fitness Collective to provide welcoming and affordable options for our LGBTQ+ community in Cleveland.

"JJ really meets you where you are in your fitness journey and can be as hands-on or hands-off as you need. For me, having someone in my corner to provide encouragement and also technical assistance, with form and understanding which exercises can work best for me and my needs, has been really helpful.

"JJ never makes me feel dumb or inadequate, and my experience with him and Out Fitness has helped me get over my gym anxiety."

I offer affordable fitness coaching at a range of monthly prices. Sign up so we can partner up!

My beliefs:

💪 Bodies can be healthy at any size

Wellness is felt, not seen. When we set fitness goals together, we will focus on skills and habits, not numbers on a scale.

🌱 Wholesome eating = adding, not subtracting

This picky eater finally discovered the joys of trying new fruits, vegetables, and grains. Meals can be energizing without being restrictive. Food is also a completely optional topic in my coaching!

💙 Exercise is self-care, never self-punishment

The best exercise is the one you enjoy! No boring or brutal workouts, only ones that make you feel positive and powerful.

Together, these three beliefs make up my affirming fitness lens:

"Affirming fitness" is the practice of believing in your unique body as strong and worthy of your care.

Read more about my fitness beliefs here.

Proudly based in Cleveland, OH

I provide my coaching both in-person and online. My home studio is Out Fitness (7405 Detroit Ave). To book a workout session with me at Out Fitness, click here.