Book recommendations [updated]

Book recommendations [updated]

This is a list of my 9 favorite books for a thoughtful, inclusive look at fitness, exercise, and food! Over the last three years, I've learned loads from these authors and their often personal stories.

I've included Bookshop links because independent bookstores (American Booksellers Association) receive ⅓ of profits, and I receive 10% commission to support my fitness coaching. This is a great way to purchase new books without using Am*z*n.

If you prefer not to purchase before you read, I've also included buttons to borrow each book from Cleveland Public Library's CLEVNET system (100+ libraries across northern Ohio)!

Deconstructing the Fitness-Industrial Complex

Edited by Justice Roe Williams, Roc Rochon, and Lawrence Koval

A deeply inspiring book of essays by Black, Trans, and/or queer leaders who are untangling the meaning of fitness from profit and whiteness. I've written a longer reflection here.

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The Plant-Based Athlete: A Game-Changing Approach to Peak Performance

by Matt Frazier and Robert Cheeke

A fun and easy read by two pioneers in athletic training. I found lots of great tips for eating and exercising to feel my best.

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What We Don't Talk about When We Talk about Fat

by Aubrey Gordon

Our society has a myth that being fat is a personal choice and deserves shame and discrimination. Aubrey's book is helping me understand and uninstall that bias.

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Secrets of Giants: A Journey to Uncover the True Meaning of Strength

by Alyssa Ages

After surviving the trauma of her miscarriage, the author unpacks the "why" of weightlifting by returning to Strongman competitions and interviewing record holders and psychologists. Alyssa's stories had me reconsidering my body's abilities.

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Rust Belt Vegan Kitchen

Edited by Meredith Pangrace

Homestyle and professional recipes by fellow Clevelanders and vegans around the Midwest.

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Lifting Heavy Things: Healing Trauma One Rep at a Time

by Laura Khoudari

An extremely thoughtful how-to guide for building your training practice with a mental health focus.

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Fit Nation: The Gains and Pains of America's Exercise Obsession

by Natalia Mehlman Petrzela

I learned so much about the last 100 years of influences on how we exercise: capitalism, celebrity, fatphobia, homophobia, and individualism.

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Veganize It! Easy DIY Recipes for a Plant-Based Kitchen

by Robin Robertson

Really comprehensive, with recipes that actually work! This book taught me how to tweak my favorite recipes with common ingredients.

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Swole: The Making of Men and the Meaning of Muscle

by Michael Andor Brodeur

If you made it this far down the list, you must be really interested in strength. This book looks at masculinity and gay culture through the author's indulgent essays about his lifetime of fascination with being "big."

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